Ariana Delawari Announces Release of Double Album; First Single Available for Download/Stream

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Musician, filmmaker, and activist Ariana Delawari has announced the forthcoming release of her double album Entelechy I & II due out August 12. In anticipation for the release, Delawari has also made the first single "Here Is My Love" available for stream and download via Soundcloud. Entelechy, meaning fulfilling one's potential in Greek, is Delawari's second full length. Entelechy I was produced by Butchy Fuego (a.k.a. Electronic artist San Gabriel) and Entelechy II is the same collection of tracks presented as acoustic and unproduced featuring Salar Nader - a fellow Afghan-American and a famed virtuoso of the tabla.

First Single "Here Is My Love"
Available for Stream + Download

The idea of fulfillment permeates throughout and is represented by her voice - a golden mean between Joan Baez's warm soprano and Kate Bush's intoxicating, otherworldly vocals. One half of this double album conjures electronic soundscapes. The other is an earthier version of the same 11 songs. Unproduced, it's a raw, radical rethinking of Entelechy that pleasantly wafts between percussive waltz and levitating tribal beats.

An artist of prismatic creativity, Delawari boasts an impressive resume. Her psych-folk musical creations earned her a fan and collaborator in director David Lynch, she is a USC-trained filmmaker, and she is an activist whose life's passion culminated in a TED talk. Born and raised in Southern California, Delawari was exposed to international politics from a young age by her Afghan father and American mother of Sicilian-Afghan heritage. "Every single dinner conversation was about Afghanistan," Delawari says. "We had political leaders come through our house. Journalists. So many refugees."

An obsession with Jimi Hendrix's unhinged, revolutionary sound inspired her to pick up a guitar and create her own music at age 12. That curiosity became a means to powerful expression in high school, after her mother's breast-cancer diagnosis. "I played the guitar to escape," she says. "I was in love with my guitar." Thinking her passion for music was just a hobby, she went on to attend USC's storied film school, where she studied directing and acting. That changed after she visited a refugee camp in Afghanistan and started writing songs as a way to tell the stories of the refugees.

Following her psych-folk debut, Lion of Panjshir, Delawari directed a feature length award winning documentary film about the making of the album in Afghanistan and her family story called We Came Home. The film was screened around the globe to deeply affected audiences and was just acquired for distribution. Now she is taking another step forward with ENTELECHY.

1. Heartbreak / Love Waits
2. This Love
3. Here Is My Love
4. Our Love Is Strong
5. In The Snow
6. I See The Hope In You
7. The Warrior
8. African Lightning Fire
9. The Wonderment
10. Sekander Of Rio
11. Your Dream Is My Dream


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