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Two New Books Tell-All About UFOs And ETs


Two New Books Tell-All About UFOs And ETs

Exactly seventy years ago this week, three UFOs were sighted buzzing Roswell Army Air Force Base in New Mexico. A few days later, the Army used a new Scaler longitudinal radar device to scramble their electro-magnetics, causing them to crash. Two of the UFOs struck one another and went down southwest of Corona, New Mexico. The third vessel crashed in Horse Mesa west of Magdalena, New Mexico and was not found until two years later. Thirteen more UFOs would be taken down and reverse-engineered. Sixty-five ETs from numerous different species were recovered... along with one survivor!

This is just the tip of a massive iceberg of truth revealed in the pages of two just-released new books, Unacknowledged by Dr. Steven M. Greer (edited by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten), and Alten's own book, Undisclosed.

Alten's three-year commitment to bring the most incredible secrets in history to the public was inspired by his own first-hand encounter with a UFO - three days before he was scheduled to meet Dr. Greer - considered by many to be the world's foremost authority on UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

On Saturday, December 14, 2013 at approximately 11:10 PM, Alten and his wife were returning home from dinner and a movie. As they drove through their neighborhood, they noticed something bizarre moving toward them in the night sky - pale amber lights like nothing they had ever seen.

Says Alten: "There were eight to twelve of them flying in staggered pairs, approaching from the south less than a thousand feet (estimated) above Route 441/State Road 7 in Palm Beach County. They were far too silent and smooth to be helicopters and they were definitely not planes. As they came closer and passed almost directly overhead we could see the outline of a... well, their saucer-shaped vessels. By this time I had parked the car and we just stood and watched until, pair by pair, they simply faded into the ether. Let me be clear here, they didn't move out of range or shut off their lights or disappear into a cloud bank, they slipped out of existence. Neither one of us had ever seen a UFO before. Far from being scared, we felt exhilarated, like we had just been treated to something very special."

Three days later, the couple drove to Miami Beach and had dinner with Dr. Steven M. Greer and his wife Emily. The founder of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Dr. Greer has prepared briefs for two sitting presidents, members of congress, the Head of the Joint Chiefs, and many world leaders. He also leads CE-5 expeditions - Human-instigated ET encounters which use group meditation and remote viewing techniques to vector in ET craft.

Through new contacts in Intelligence, the military, NASA, the FAA, and private defense contractors, Dr. Greer was in the process of accumulating startling new testimonials about UFOs, man-made reverse-engineered UFOs (called ARVs), black ops subterranean bases built several miles beneath established bases, ET structures located on the far-side of the moon... and mind-boggling secrets that were taped but not allowed to be published until after the death of all eyewitnesses. Greer reached out to Alten to co-write and edit Unacknowledged, a new tell-all book that would be mainstreamed with a new documentary (The Orchard - SONY). Alten agreed - provided he could use the information in his own book, Undisclosed, a "FACTional" thriller.

Alten explains: "Undisclosed is a Trojan Horse; it's a page-turner that weaves this mind-boggling information into the storyline in digestible bites. Neither book holds anything back. We use real names and list real locations. The most incredible stuff - the stuff that will really tick you off was provided by witnesses who died over the last few years, allowing Dr. Greer to make their information public. Insiders have been murdered to keep zero-point-energy hidden from the public. We're talking about a clean, abundant and free technology that would replace fossil fuels, end poverty and hunger, create hundreds of millions of new jobs worldwide, and stop climate change... only a handful of greedy sociopaths running these illegal black ops agencies refuse to allow it to be released to the masses. That was our goal in writing these two amazing books - to alert the masses to a new energy source that would change the world."

Watch a trailer below!

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