Trevor Fraser Releases 'Body Connection'

Trevor Fraser Releases 'Body Connection'

Freeport, NY

Self-mastery could be as simple as the number four.

Professor Trevor Fraser shares his new 4-4-4 connection model for achieving self-mastery in his book, "Body Connection." Under the governance of spiritual and cosmic law, this modernized method examines the development and relationships of the four selves, the four lower bodies and the four quadrants of matter.

Fraser provides readers with insight into relationships and how to positively improve them with self-discovery by developing an understanding of the four selves, the four lower bodies and the four quadrants of matter.

"The 4-4-4 model is for anyone who is honestly searching for self and purpose, as well as trying to ascertain how they fit into the scheme of things," Fraser said. "Everyone we encounter is relevant in the development of self - be mindful of how you treat them."

In addition to twelve chapters explaining the 4-4-4 connection, the book provides sixteen chapters that include personal accounts of the author's experiences with astral projection and Silva mind control, as well as general descriptions of subjects such as spiritual law and culture's effect on the four selves.

Although Fraser disclaims, "there is nothing new in any of these pages," readers unfamiliar with such theories and concepts are offered an easy-to-understand guide to self-awareness.

"Body Connection"
By: Trevor Fraser
ISBN: 1456868829, 978-1456868826
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris Publishing

About the author

Trevor Fraser is a college professor who lectures in areas of communication at various colleges in the Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island. As a motivational speaker, he has hosted numerous workshops on self-mastery, self-improvement and dream interpretation. He has studied cosmic law, mind-control and self-mastery techniques extensively. Fraser resides in Freeport, NY.

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