Thoughtful Presence Gift Basket Company Features Gift Book Collection

Thoughtful Presence Gift Basket Company Features Gift Book Collection

Niles, IL

Chicago based Thoughtful Presence is known for its one-of-a-kind gift basket designs featuring high quality functional and decorative gift products. Given the functional nature of their select products, theme based books have been a perfect fit for gift baskets in such categories as get well gifts, housewarming, garden gifts and baby gift baskets. Popular gift basket designs have included books on garden tips, BBQ recipes, green home cleaning methods, and best-selling board books from Sandra Boynton. "Books of all types have always made great gifts, either alone or in a collection. We've chosen books that clearly fit the theme of our gift baskets. The new collection of inspirational gift books stands just as well on its own," explains owner Mary Babiez.

The new collection, from Tristan Publishing, is designed as a gift to inspire and to be given as a lifetime keepsake. After discovering the books a few months ago, Babiez chose a few favorite themes to immediately add to her online store. The new categories include Baby, Sympathy, Love, and Christmas. "There are so many great titles; we hope to add more in the coming months. Inspirational books from Tristan Publishing are a great fit for our store as their books are intended to bring lasting memories, which is the same intention we have for every gift basket design we create," says Babiez.

The following current titles can be found on the Thoughtful Presence website:

Baby Talk, Reflections on a Blessed Event, by Tom Hegg
Love, by Jodi Hills
A Cup of Christmas Tea, by Tom Hegg and Warren Hanson
The Next Place, by Warren Hanson

The Next Place, a gift of compassion for the bereaved, recently received a very positive customer review on the Thoughtful Presence website. "The Next Place is a sympathy gift that truly touched the heart of this woman who lost her husband suddenly. She received the book from a friend and indicated it gave her great comfort and would be cherished forever. This is the type of sentiment we want all readers of these books to feel," says Babiez

The books can be purchased as individual gifts, and as with all Thoughtful Presence gifts, complimentary gift wrap and gift card are included. They can also be added to a custom gift basket.

To view the new gift books and all gift baskets, visit Thoughtful Presence.

Thoughtful Presence is a custom gift basket company specializing in uniquely designed high quality functional gift baskets. "We combine boutique style gift products with the artistry of gift basket design. The result is a beautiful alternative to the traditional gourmet food gift basket." Custom gift baskets for a variety of holidays, themes, and life occasions can be found at Thoughtful Presence.