In his book Brace for Impact: Surviving the Crash of the Industrial Age (just released in an updated paperback edition), author Thomas A. Lewis offers these top five reasons why the ultimate crash is not only imminent, but has already started:

We're running out of food. For six of the past 11 years, the world has eaten more food than it has produced. People in wealthy countries are as yet unscathed; they think it's just the poor end of the boat that is sinking. (Chapters One and Two)

We're running out of water. Lakes, rivers, reservoirs and aquifers everywhere are shrinking, with no hope of replenishment. Stand by to abandon Las Vegas. (Chapter Three)

We're running out of oil. Forget the hype about the mythical oil boom in the US, oil production continues to decline worldwide and will soon deprive the industrial economies of their oxygen cheap, plentiful oil. (Chapter Five)

We're running out of electricity. The power grid is aged, unstable and misused. Efforts to develop sustainable sources of electricity are doomed as long as they feed their product into the unsustainable grid. (Chapter Six explains the problem. For the solution, see Chapter Ten.)

We're running out of time. Global climate change, a threat multiplier for all the above, is coming on faster and harder than anyone predicted just a few years ago.

The book, originally published in 2009, has gained a growing following as its major themes have been validated as chronicled on the author's website The Daily Impact. ( An Amazon 5-star customer review called Brace for Impact "A MUST read. Meticulously researched... the world should take heed, and choose to live differently." Another Amazon reviewer, who did NOT agree with the book's premise, said, "His thorough research and experience in some of these areas combined with his biting wit makes this book a pretty good read overall."

Lewis is the author of four well-received books on Civil War and colonial history. The New York Times called his account of the 1864 Battle of Cedar Creek "brutally in political and military relevance for our time." The New Republic called his George Washington biography "realistic and tough-minded." He was the Series (executive) Editor of the acclaimed Time-Life Books series on the earth sciences, "Planet Earth" and for many years wrote the authoritative annual review of the state of the U.S. environment, "EQ Index," for National Wildlife Magazine and the World Almanac.

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