This Week at Bookworks Includes Piper Kerman, A Word with Writers Diana Gabaldon & George RR Martin and More

This Week at Bookworks Includes Piper Kerman, A Word with Writers Diana Gabaldon & George RR Martin and More

This week at Bookworks includes Orange is the New Black author Piper Kerman, A Word with Writers Diana Gabaldon & George RR Martin at the KiMo Theatre, and more. There are also events for children like Moms Story Time! For more information visit

Tuesday, May 6
7pm • Mike Butterfield • New Mexico's High Peaks
This book should be required reading for all who believe New Mexico is nothing but plains, mesas, and cacti. It proves in spectacular fashion that the Land of Enchantment is very much a mountain state, with at least sixty summits 12,000 feet or higher.

Wednesday, May 7
7pm • Michael McGaritty • Backlands
Scarred by the loss of an older brother during WWI whom he idolized, estranged from a father he barely knows, and deeply troubled by the failing health of a mother he adores, eight-year-old Matthew is suddenly and irrevocably forced to set aside his childhood and take on responsibilities far beyond his years.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, May 8, 9 & 10
Supervised Visitation Network Conference at Hotel Albuquerque •
Unless special circumstances exist, children generally fare best when they have the emotional support and ongoing involvement of both parents.

Thursday, May 8
7pm • Piper Kerman & the New Mexico Women's Justice Project at UNM's Woodward Hall • Orange is theNew Black
When Piper Kerman was sent to prison for a ten-year-old crime, she barely resembled the reckless young woman she'd been when she committed the misdeeds that would eventually catch up with her. $5 donation is required.

7pm • Peter Eichstadt • Dangerous Divide
How do we balance border security and while continuing to provide access to the American dream?

Saturday, May 10
3pm • Joe Badal • The Lone Wolf
Albuquerque thriller writer and attorney Joe Badal returns with a new novel.

7pm • A Word with Writers Diana Gabaldon & George RR Martin at the KiMo Theatre • Dangerous Women
Bookworks and the Albuquerque Public Library Foundation are collaborating on a new lecture series, a Word with Writers, which will feature writers in conversation with one another. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Albuquerque Public Library Foundation. Tickets for the event are available at the KiMo Theatre and are $7 for open seating. The first seven rows of the theater will be sold in advance for $20.

Tuesday, May 8
10:30am • Moms Story Time!
Story times will feature books about moms. We will make a a gift for moms too.

Saturday, May 10
10:30am • Train Day Story Time!
National Train Day party at Bookworks. Featured books, How to Train your Train and Locomotive. Chug chug on over for stories and snack. Train lovers of all ages are invited to attend.

Monday, May 5
5pm • Vamos a Leer Book Club
Vamos a Leer book club is open to all including educators and all readers interested in dynamic Hispanic young adult literature. This month's selection is In Darkness by Nick Lake.

Sunday, June 1
3pm • Joy Waldron • Kaiten: Japan's Secret Manned Suicide Submarine
In November 1944, the U.S. Navy fleet lay at anchor in Ulithi Harbor, deep in the Pacific Ocean, when the oiler USS Mississinewa erupted in a ball of flames. Japan's secret weapon, the Kaiten--a manned suicide submarine--had succeeded in its first mission. The Kaiten was so secret that even Japanese naval commanders didn't know of its existence. And the Americans kept it secret as well. Embarrassed by the shocking surprise attack, the U.S. Navy refused to salvage or inspect the sunken Mighty Miss. Only decades later would the survivors understand what really happened at Ulithi, when a diving team located the wreck in 2001.

Friday, June 6
7pm • Elizabeth Cohen • Hypothetical Girl
A menagerie of characters graze and jockey, play and hook up in the online dating world with mixed and sometimes dark results. Flirting and communicating in chat rooms, through texts, e-mails, and IMs, they grope their way through a virtual maze of potential mates, falling in and out of what they think and hope may be true love. With levity and high style, Cohen takes her readers into a world where screen and keyboard meet the heart, with consequences that range from wonderful to weird. "The Hypothetical Girl" captures all the mystery, misery, and magic of the eternal search for human connection.

Tuesday, June 24
7pm • Katy Butler • Knocking on Heaven's Door
Award-winning journalist Katy Butler was living thousands of miles from her aging parents when the call came: her beloved seventy-nine-year-old father had suffered a crippling stroke. Katy and her mother joined the more than 28 million Americans who are shepherding loved ones through their final declines. Doctors outfitted her father with a pacemaker, which kept his heart going while doing nothing to prevent a slide into dementia, near-blindness, and misery. When he said, "I'm living too long," mother and daughter faced wrenching moral questions. Where is the line between saving a life and prolonging a dying? When do you say to a doctor, "Let my loved one go?"

Monday, June 30
7pm • Frances Levine • Battles and Massacres on the Southwestern Frontier
This unique study centers on four critical engagements between Anglo-American and American Indians on the southwestern frontier: the Battle of Cieneguilla (1854), the Battle of Adobe Walls (1864), the Sand Creek Massacre (1864), and the Mountain Meadows Massacre (1857). Editors Ronald K. Wetherington and Frances Levine juxtapose historical and archaeological perspectives on each event to untangle the ambiguity and controversy that surround both historical and more contemporary accounts of each of these violent outbreaks.