Theodora Klein-Carroll's TIPPY THE RAINDROP Helps Kids Work Through Problems

Theodora Klein-Carroll's TIPPY THE RAINDROP Helps Kids Work Through Problems

When the going gets tough for toddlers, parents can turn to the story of Tippy the Raindrop for help. Theodora Klein-Carroll's latest book teaches children how work through problems and reach their goals.

Having started her own concierge business, Klein-Carroll is no stranger to hard work, determination and perseverance. Her book, Tippy the Raindrop, presents an entertaining, informative story on courage and motivation for children by personifying the elements of nature and bringing attention to its importance in their lives.

Klein's children's book shares valuable life lessons told in an engaging style that allows young readers, educators and parents to not only enjoy, but also to benefit from discussing the things they learn.

"It has always been my dream to share the qualities for success and happiness with children in a way that is enjoyable for them while leaving some pieces of value in their mind," says Klein-Carroll.

Following the journey of a brave little raindrop, Klein-Carroll expresses the importance of setting goals, following dreams and developing problem-solving skills. Tippy the Raindrop inspires a feeling of fortitude, allowing children to see the benefits of positive and constructive thinking.

Tippy the Raindrop
By Theodora Klein-Carroll
ISBN: 978-1-45255-725-0
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press.

Originally from North Dakota, Theodora Klein-Carroll graduated from University of Tampa with a degree in business management. Klein-Carroll currently resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband where she continues to pursue her passion of bringing her imagination to life for the enjoyment and education of children.