'The Greatest Speech, Ever' Set for Release, 11/19

'The Greatest Speech, Ever' Set for Release, 11/19

History Publishing Company will publish "The Greatest Speech, Ever: The Remarkable Story of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address" by the Honorable James L. Cotton Jr. on Nov. 19th, the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's great speech. The Foreword has been written by former Senator Howard Baker Jr. of Tennessee.

"The Greatest Speech, Ever" was written to be more than a specialized monograph about the Gettysburg Address. The author, Judge James L. Cotton Jr. digressed along the way into side excursions and back roads of Abraham Lincoln's remarkable life, exploring his hardscrabble childhood, and his courageous but controversial Emancipation Proclamation. To fully understand how the Gettysburg Address came to be, one must understand how Abraham Lincoln came to be. Part of the greatness of the Gettysburg Address is that the DNA of Lincoln's life is found in every word. Judge Cotton's extensive research into Lincoln's life located that literary DNA and brings the full display to the public in this remarkable book of the fascinating life of the greatest American president and the greatest speech, ever.

Senator Baker in his Foreword wrote: "Judge Cotton's book is not only a fascinating and scholarly assessment of the Gettysburg Address and its impact on America, but also an absorbing look into Abraham Lincoln's life."

James L. Cotton Jr. is a resident of Oneida, Tennessee and a Judge in the General Sessions Court of Scott County, Tennessee. He is a graduate of the University of Memphis Law School and an Honors Graduate of Tennessee Technological University.

The Greatest Speech Ever: 9781933909929 will be available in bookstores nationally and on Internet sites globally. Review copies will be available to accredited members of the media.