Author Adam Ingle Releases New Fantasy Book Concerning the Afterlife

Author Adam Ingle Releases New Fantasy Book Concerning the Afterlife

Greenville, SC

Adam Ingle's new book, Necessary Evil and the Greater Good, ($12.99, paperback, 9781500238490; $6.99, e-book, 9781311513199) is a humorous fantasy novel about an Angel and a Demon who have been doing their jobs for thousands of years and are fed up with the monotony. The two friends come up with a plan to get themselves kicked out of the Afterlife, but things quickly go wrong and keep going downhill. Their botched plan and growing web of lies get them entangled with Norse gods like Thor and Loki, neo-Vikings, and a Scottish terrier named Sir Reginald Pollywog Newcastle III.

Early reviews of Necessary Evil and the Greater Good have said, "...if you read one Indie book this year, read this one." -Writocracy. As well as " [Neil Gaiman's] American Gods would have been if Quentin Tarantino had directed a movie version of it." - Veni Vidi Verkisto.

Much like the book's protagonists, Adam Ingle has traveled from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to Iceland and many places in between. Although he is a basement-dwelling, graveyard-shift nerd by night, writing is his true passion as an aspiring peddler of his exorcised creative demons. He and his chinchilla live in South Carolina. Find out more about the author at

For review copies, interviews, or appearances contact Adam Ingle, The Dead Regime, (864) 485-9164, adam(at)adamingle(dot)com.