THE WHINGEWYTH CHRONICLES Childrens Book Series Available Today

THE WHINGEWYTH CHRONICLES Childrens Book Series Available Today

Brother and sister duo D. Joseph and Stephanie Faye today announced the publication of the first installment in their new, highly anticipated children's book series, THE WHINGEWYTH CHRONICLES. The E-book and softcover are available today.

At the center of the planned trilogy is 10-year-old Matilda Mibblebury, a precocious, red-headed schoolgirl whose destiny takes an unexpected turn when she moves with her parents to the tiny English town of Whingewyth.

In the trilogy's first installment, "Matilda Mibblebury in: A Vanishing Act", the Mibblebury family takes up residence in the stately manor house of Matida's elderly grandmother after she disappears without a trace. It isn't long before Matilda senses that something strange may be afoot: the twisty corridors of the manor house, dense forest and shifty townsfolk are filled to bursting with secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Along the way, Matilda will come face-to-face with a series of sinister spinsters, peculiar puzzles and a sarcastic dolly knapsack that will test the limits of our little heroine's abilities. She also unwittingly exposes the roots of a larger, more intricate mystery that will be revealed over the course of the trilogy.

"After several years developing the series, and with Stephanie's beautiful illustrations to bring this first story to life, Matilda is finally ready for her spotlight," said author D. Joseph. "We hope that children everywhere – and parents too – enjoy reading her adventures as much as we have enjoyed creating them," added illustrator Stephanie Faye

"Matilda Mibblebury in: A Vanishing Act", Book One of the Whingewyth Chronicles, is currently available in softcover through and in e-book format through ((