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WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ In Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle, by Terry Cralle, RN and Dr. W. David Brown,Sam "fights" bedtime to stay awake and play. Snoozby, an animated pillow, does his very best to "defend" sleep to no avail. While Sam may win the bedtime battle, he loses the war when the following day at school is completely disrupted due to his lack of sleep.

Dr. Brown states, "I am constantly amazed at how many children know so little about sleep, have no set bedtime, no bedtime routine, and no media curfew. We know that sufficient sleep is important for all age groups, but it is particularly important for our children."

Sleep clinicians Cralle and Brown noted a glaring knowledge gap in information about sleep directed to children ages 4 10 and set out to do something about it. Cralle notes that in many elementary schools, diet and exercise are addressed but the topic of sleep health has been virtually neglected, resulting in a significant knowledge gap about the overall importance of sleep.

During childhood, the brain is learning at a rate that is never achieved again during the life cycle. Lack of sleep not only compromises physical health; it impairs a child's ability to learn and may even affect the way the brain is wired during this critical time of development. Malnourished bodies fail to grow. So too, sleep deprived brains fail to thrive.

The very first of its kind, Snoozby is a book for young children that clearly illustrates the benefits of a good night's sleep. Written by sleep clinicians in conjunction with elementary education consultants, the book achieves the dual task of being informative yet entertaining; serving as the perfect catalyst to prompt the dialogue about the importance of sleep in an age group where good sleep habits are critical. To this end, Cralle and Brown are making an unprecedented effort to inform children that sufficient sleep is vital for health, well-being and achievement.

"At our Children's sleep clinic, we have a great deal of written material for parents but nothing for the children themselves," stated Dr. Brown. Snoozby is a book that is written specifically for children to impress on them the important role sleep plays in their daily lives. The earlier children develop good sleep habits, the greater the positive impact it has on their lives in the present and well into adulthood.

About the Authors

Terry Cralle is a Registered Nurse, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. Terry serves as a consultant and speaker to a wide variety of organizations and clients. She is a national spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council and also works closely with the International Sleep Products Association, Start School Later, Inc. and the Pajama Program.

Dr. W. David Brown is a Sleep Psychologist at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and is certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Dr. Brown is the co-author or editor of several books and book chapters on various aspects of sleep medicine.

To learn more about Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle, visit Rowe Publishing. Buy Snoozby today anywhere books are sold, including through Rowe Publishing and via online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

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SOURCE Terry Cralle, R.N., M.S.

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