Romance Author Vivian Kline to Speak at Vassar College on Veteran's Day

Romance Author Vivian Kline to Speak at Vassar College on Veteran's Day

Romance novel author, Vivian Kline, author of "Love in the 40's, When Mail Came Twice a Day" is set to speak at Vassar College in November for Veteran's Day.

The author will speak about her book, and the letters she wrote to an older man at Columbia, who was eighty miles away at the time. She was a nineteen year old sophomore, while he was a twenty six year old PhD student at Columbia University.

In the book, Vivian recalls her life in the 1940's at Vassar when it was still an all girl's college and what it was like to live in a world at war.

Their story has been wrapped in the bundle of letters that Vivian saved that documents her love story between her and Danny during her time at Vassar.

"To be able to share my story with current Vassar College students is such an incredible honor," says Vivian Kline. "There's so much history I have to share with the school about my time there and what I went through during that time."

Because America was at war during that era, students only attended college for three years in hopes that they would be able to help America's war efforts upon graduation. The experiences and memories are what Vivian hopes to share with the student body she will be speaking in front of. Her hope is to bring history to life through her story.

Alumnae, current students, and Poughkeepsie neighbors are all welcome to attend the event and hear Vivian's story.

For anyone who wants to read Vivian's book beforehand, it is now available at the Vassar bookstore, as well as on Amazon and on Kindle.

About Vivian:
Vivian B. Kline, author of three books, is also a mother of three and grandmother of six. She moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she has become a professional artist-craftsman and organizer. Described once as a "self-starter," she has enjoyed the variety of her interests and hopes to continue beyond her eighty-seven years. For more information about Vivian, please visit