Retirees Avoid Retirement Mistakes in New Book From New Jersey Retirement Advisor, Douglas Bauerband

TOMS RIVER, N.J., Aug. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ If you are retired and wondering how to protect your nest, this new book may be just what the doctor ordered.

There are over 44 million Americans over age 65 trying to retire and stay retired. The challenges are many and the road is fraught with many dangers.

In this book, Retire Abundantly, co-authored by Douglas J. Bauerband, retirees are educated against the little-known mistakes and costly missteps that can derail their lifestyle in retirement. Executives, professionals, and business owners will gain financial wisdom and discover principles on how to create a greater lifestyle and leave a legacy.

Bauerband says, "It's harder and harder to save enough money to retire with peace of mind. According to CNBC, 81% of Americans don't know how much they need to retire and of those over age 50, 84% don't believe they could fund a 20-year retirement. That's pretty sad."

AARP has reported that 2 out of 3 older Americans fear running out of money more than dying.

"It doesn't have to be. Common myths are causing retirees to make costly mistakes. We are exposing the myths and showing retirees how to fully enjoy a secure retirement," says Bauerband.

One of the mistakes is running afoul of IRS retirement account rules and it can cost uninformed retirees a bundle. According to Forbes, "Americans paid an estimated $5.8 billion in penalties on retirement account withdrawals. (That'sin additionto the regular tax owed on those withdrawals.)"

The Wall Street Journal confirmed the problem and reported that, "Uncle Sam is about to get a lot tougher on individual retirement account mistakesand that could trip up investors who aren't careful."

The easy-to-read book is not laden with technical jargon. It begins by exposing how and why the retirement planning industry has left some retirees adrift, along the myths that many have been led to believe. It also details the three major retirement mistakes that many are making.

A very helpful section follows detailing 12 of the biggest retirement obstacles.

The book concludes outlining the solutions, including an enlightening case study that illustrates the concepts detailed in the book. Another interesting and informative feature of the book are a set of real life stories of failure and success sprinkled throughout.

The book ends by showing readers how to take the next step in their own retirement lifestyle and wealth planning.

"I am on a mission to help people who have worked hard and saved to be able to enjoy their retirement. I love helping retirees get a clear picture of their future and designing a custom financial roadmap so they can enjoy a retirement with greater peace of mind. This book is part of my mission to educate even more people," shares Bauerband.

AboutDouglas J. Bauerband:

Douglas J. Bauerband is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker, and Retirement Planner. Bauerband has been showing business owners, executives and professionals how to avoid the biggest retirement mistakes and more fully enjoy a secure retirement for over three decades. Doug's proprietary approach to financial and retirement planning creates a custom roadmap so that his clients can enjoy more income for life and a greater legacy to their children and grandchildren. He is the Founder and President of G. Douglas Financial Group, an independent wealth planning firm.


Douglas J. Bauerband

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Retirees Avoid Retirement Mistakes in New Book From New Jersey Retirement Advisor, Douglas Bauerband

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