Christmas is such a special time; children are wrapped in its magic and wonder, and parents relish the joyful excitement they see on their children's faces, as Christmas Eve draws closer. But the 'Spirit' of Christmas is so much more - it's about family, friendships, sharing, kindness and love.

How the Little Yak Saved Christmas by Phil Gioia is the embodiment of all these things, coming together in a beautifully entertaining Christmas story that has a fully modern twist.

With something for every age group, How the Little Yak Saved Christmas brings Santa Claus into the 21st century! Everyone in Santa's Workshop now depends on the most advanced technology to make sure gifts are made and delivered to good boys and girls around the world, in a single night. This refreshing tale combines a new angle on an old story with a surprise ending.

Christmas is drawing near, and all the residents of the North Pole are hastily running to and fro, finishing up toys, and making sure they're packed and ready for distribution on Christmas Eve. Imagine the horror when a sudden unforeseen emergency threatens Santa's ability to make his fabled, world-circling delivery flight. It's too unthinkable to imagine! It would mean cancelling the delivery of toys for all the little girls and boys around the world!

Santa's internationally-renowned, champion team of reindeer, led by Rudolph, have come down with 'Flying Reindeer Flu' and are grounded! Even the state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly processes in Santa's Workshop, using the most modern technologies, together with the tireless efforts of his devoted legions of elves, are powerless if the reindeer are too sick to fly!

Remembering that Christmas is a time of miracles, Santa gets on the Internet, hoping to find replacement reindeer. But a mixup occurs, and when FedEx arrives with the delivery - out peers a little Yak!

Gioia's magical story of the little Yak who comes to Santa's aid to help rescue the delivery of toys for all the children of the world adds a new and spellbinding twist to an ages-old, beloved and traditional tale. The author's imaginative writing style captivates both grown-ups and children alike, leaving them anxiously turning pages to find out how, and if, the little Yak really can save Christmas.

Phil Gioia grew up in a family that traveled the world; before he even attended college he had already lived in Japan, Italy and various parts of the U.S. Today, he calls Marin County, CA, home, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Interestingly, their house is located right on Santa's flight path...

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How the Little Yak Saved Christmas
By Phil Gioia
October 2013 / $9.95.
42 pages/six color illustrations
To purchase:
ISBN: 1491208236
ISBN-13: 9781491208236