Inspirational author, peace advocate and award-winning businesswoman Nola Hennessy has released her third book, her deeply candid memoir entitled The Peace Angel - Taking Her Tears and Hanging Them Out To Dry, August 1.

The Peace Angel offers a revealing and personal glimpse into the life of the successful entrepreneur as she deals with the blows of childhood emotional detachment and physical and emotional abuse at the hands of people she trusted. The book details her triumphant journey to the top of her chosen profession by overcoming some of life's greatest hurdles in pursuit of creating her own life and fulfilling her dreams. It also reveals her deeply spiritual journey, and the life and soul-changing events early in the 21st Century, that help explain why she remains so passionate for positive change. "In sharing my life story I trust that each reader, on reflection, will take stock of what is critical to their happiness, action what is needed to make positive change, and become more discerning about their choices. Most of us only get one chance at this life. Fortunately, I got two. And whilst sometimes I remain surprised at humanity's poor choices I am forever hopeful that we can work together to be a better humanity, and preserve life and earth for others to enjoy."

Throughout the book, Hennessy takes the reader through a childhood and early adulthood rife with painful slings and arrows in an honest, straightforward account of abandonment, mistreatment, betrayals and harrowing challenges, yet in her trademark inspirational style comes out on the other side the strongest she's ever been, with a message of loving-kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

A steward of peace, Hennessy has been the founder and CEO of Serenidad Consulting for the past five years. The global consulting firm offers a wide range of services, all with the uniquely strategic aim to help achieve world peace. It is in this role that she has focused on the aspects of excellence, great leadership and positive personal power.

Since the 1970s, the polished professional and expert management consultant has worked with a number of clients ranging from major industry and governmental business groups to educational institutions and scientific bodies, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, Lockheed Martin, Texas Governor's Office, the University of Texas, the Departments of Immigration and Border Protection, the Australian Defence Organisation, and more.

She has previously released two other international multi award-winning books, No Boxing Allowed, an inspirational, spiritual guide to life, and a book that helps one break free and create positive change in one's life; and From Pre-Menstrual Syndrome to Positive Mental Attitude: A Change Management Guide, geared mostly towards women to reclaim their own personal power and to change negative ways of thinking and acting.

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1957, Texas is where Hennessy calls home. One of Rotary International's "Inspirational Women of 2011," Hennessy rose from a childhood of severe constraints to become a senior manager at age 16, and over the course of her varied career has risen up three times to roles in senior leadership. In October 2014, she will receive another award as one of USA FOWM's "Women of Impact."

She is an accomplished and sought-after professional motivational speaker, facilitator, change agent, educator, negotiator, mediator, presenter, interviewer and host. She continually takes on topics, issues, debates and subjects that others perceive with fear and hesitation, knowing that she can confidently convey a message to her readers, students, viewers and listeners that compels them to feel empowered to act.

The Peace Angel is available for purchase through Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd, Amazon, and a range of global retailers and on-line outlets.

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