New Book, 'Quintessence', by CoCo Bijou is Released

New Book, 'Quintessence', by CoCo Bijou is Released

Calgary, Alberta

While overcoming divorce, an adverse childhood and loss, Coco Bijou began a quest searching through old journals and diaries to find the encompassing narrative that would explain her troubles. However, in the midst of studying the past, she discovered the secret to creating an encouraging and enriching future.

Instead of one long story, Bijou found her journals contained individual stories and unique snippets of her experiences that provided life lessons. Written in the same style, Bijou compiled these stories into "Quintessence: The Memoirs of CoCo Bijou." Her latest novel takes the reader through her life in respective memories that will leave them crying, laughing, gasping and feeling motivated.

"You can make something wonderful if you start with hope," says Bijou. "By showing an open mind and an open heart, we can shape our destiny and become our best selves."

"Quintessence" tells a story, not chronologically, but by divulging secrets and lessons through Bijou's life experiences and people she has known. It gives us the message that we can shape our destiny and become our best selves if we defy the gravity of negativity, and find a positive life lesson in everything we encounter.

Bijou wants to share her message that a changed perspective will allow one to comprehend what moments keep you afloat and add to an elevating attitude and life.

By: CoCo Bijou
ISBN: 978-1-4759-8522-1(hc)
978-1-47598522-7 (sc)
978-1-47598522-4 (e)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the author

A lawyer and owner of her practice, CoCo Bijou, Inc., CoCo Bijou is not new to writing and publishing. "Quintessence" is her first personal novel in which she describes her world travel experiences with wit and compassion. She shares her life as a mother, volunteer business woman and author on her blog

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