New Book, Love Or Stability: Why Do Women Marry?

New Book, Love Or Stability: Why Do Women Marry?

Love and marriage don't always go together. Author Marilyn Hering would argue that sometimes it's a matter of necessity that brings two people together. The result of that partnership can either fare well, or end with one yearning for the love that got away.

Marrying for love or money could be considered a tale as old as literature itself, the typical Romeo & Juliet story that even high school students still study today. But marrying for love or money isn't something that just happened in literature years before today. Just a quick Google search will bring a plethora of results for women who have decided to marry for either security or true love. Some would argue that love is the way to go yet others say security. It's a fire and ice conversation that's been happening through the ages.

"A Woman Possessed" has been hailed a fine historical novel with a cinematic plot by Kirkus Reviews. The book takes place in 1913, as mill workers are striking for an eight-hour workday and a fair wage. Eleanor O'Bannion, the novel's feisty heroine, must choose in tumultuous times between the love of her life and stability with another. She faces starvation and poverty but ultimately chooses stability, although her heart and soul yearns for her one true love.

"This book augments a typical historical romance, delving into deeper themes. It doesn't have a 'happily ever after' ending, this story is much more sophisticated," said Hering. "I just want more people to know about the book."

Although fiction, the book profiles some of Hering's life growing up in the tenements of Paterson when her father worked in the silk mills. Hering hopes that her readers see the book and its themes as an entertaining yet deep look at the choices women make, both in the present and the past. The book is currently being made in a film script.

A Woman Possessed
By Marilyn Hering
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