New Book Asks if Everyone, Even the Devil, is Capable of Love

New Book Asks if Everyone, Even the Devil, is Capable of Love

Jonathan Dennis explores love and its ramifications in his new psychological romance, "The Good Die and the Bad Live On." In the thriller, a young man falls for a mysterious girl with a demonic secret. Together, they embark on a romance unlike anything in this world.

Through his characters, Dennis tackles many provocative topics, such as:

  • Loving someone who obviously loves you less
  • How consuming love can be, especially for the young
  • The effect all-consuming love has on the rest of one's life
  • Modern questions of good vs. evil
  • Finding the limit of what can be endured in the name of love and friendship
  • How music can influence and set the stage for writing

In the book, young Matt Malone's life is turned upside down by a serious knee injury, which isolates him from the life he has started to build. That changes when he meets Liv, a captivating woman whose love begins to consume him.

Their first date ends with a violent attack, but they are saved by Liv's unnatural ability to take drastic, conclusive action on their attacker. The relationship evolves, even though Matt feels as though secretive Liv is too good for him. Finally, a devastating turn of circumstances leaves Matt confronting an incomprehensible truth.

"I want to give readers vivid insight into these characters," Dennis says. "The book takes readers back to their teens, when feelings felt more intense. Our culture today is all about staying young and holding onto youth. Reading this book gives the mind this emotional boost."

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"The Good Die and the Bad Live On"
By Jonathan Dennis
ISBN: 9781456784195
Available in softcover and e-book formats
Available on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | AuthorHouse

About the author
Jonathan Dennis was born in Birmingham but has lived in London for the past 25 years. His fluid writing style is funny, utterly honest and engaging. His first novel combines elements of romance, suspense and fantasy yet remains grounded in the real world. When he isn't writing or working, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family and playing football and cricket.