MACHINES WE HAVE BUILT by Gian Lombardo is Available Now

MACHINES WE HAVE BUILT by Gian Lombardo is Available Now

Ever have a line from a song stick in your head? What happens when you let it take off on its own? The product of many two- hour late-night commutes, Machines We Have Built yields the poetic detritus left after a full day, when the need to stay awake and the longing to get home are paramount. Each prose poem in Machines We Have Built is a riff into what occurs when language is allowed to devour itself and where metaphor splices into metaphor, forming a domain where literal language becomes entirely figurative, where fashioning these language constructs simultaneously frees and imprisons us, making us both forget -and be all too aware - that the mind is a device that builds and destroys what we call real.

GIAN LOMBARDO has published a number of collections of prose poetry, including Who Lets Go First (Swamp Press, 2010)and Aid & A_Bet (BlazeVOX ebook, 2008). His transla- tion of the first half of Aloysius Bertrand's Gaspard de la nuit was published in 2000, and a translation of Euge?ne Savitzkaya's Rules of Solitude in 2004, as well as translations of Archestratos's Gastrology and Michel Delville's Third Body (both in 2009). He teaches book and magazine publishing at Emerson College where he directs the Literary Publishing Certificate program. He also serves as a member of the James Merrill House Committee.

Cover artist DON ECCLESTON once worked in Hollywood, and was an art teacher and jazz drummer. Nowadays he lives with two cats and a dog, and can paint as much as he wants.

A playlist for all the songs chosen for inclusion in Machines We Have Built is available in Windows Media Playlist (mpl) and M3U formats. Contact:

Available directly from Small Press Distribution, 1341 Seventh St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800-869-7553,

For more information, contact Publicity Manager at Quale Press.

Machines We Have Built, by Gian Lombardo
ISBN: 978-1-935835-12-7
Perfect Bound, $15.00
Publication Date: May 2014
5 x 7 inches, 81 pages
Prose Poetry