Lynette Charters Creates Original Cover Art For New Adventure Series for Kids

Lynette Charters Creates Original Cover Art For New Adventure Series for Kids

The cover and promotional images of The Stolen Adventure, the first book in a new adventure series by master storyteller Mark A. Wullert, features original art by the acclaimed animation artist Lynette Charters Serembe. The Stolen Adventure, available through, is about a boy and his friends on a quest to discover the magical creations of an ancient inventor.

"It was great working with Lynette on this project. She has an incredible talent in bringing out a character's personality in her drawings," stated author and storyteller Mark Wullert. "Lynette's cover for The Stolen Adventure really captures the excitement of the story."

"Mark is an amazingly talented storyteller," said Ms. Serembe. "As soon as I read his rich and varied character descriptions and the escapades his heroes get up to, I knew I had to work on this series. Mark has great vision," she added, "you can picture it all as you are reading. You cannot beat a good action-adventure, it's exactly what kids want to read about and I'm very proud to be part of this project. The Stolen Adventures is a fantastic book series and a must read. It begs to be animated or filmed."

Ms. Serembe holds a Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art in London, England. She has worked in the animation business for over 20 years for companies including Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros.

Mr. Wullert is a master storyteller. For decades he has been thrilling audiences, young and old, with tales of mystery, intrigue, adventure and comedic fun. These stories are now available in print form with the release of The Stolen Adventure series.

In addition to the cover art for the book, Ms. Serembe also created the artwork for The Stolen Adventure facebook page where viewers can see detailed images of the characters, as well as access behind the scenes secrets, additional stories and previews of upcoming books.