Leadership Expert Todd McBroom Releases New Book, 'GOD WAS SELF-EMPLOYED'

Leadership Expert Todd McBroom Releases New Book, 'GOD WAS SELF-EMPLOYED'

Todd McBroom understands what it is like to work for what he and his family wanted and needed. At a young age, growing up in an economically challenged family, he learned that motivation and hard work were the keys to success. He also learned that the only way to achieve anything was to make a plan and never give up following that plan until success is realized.

Today, Todd McBroom is a leadership expert who works with entrepreneurs to help them apply simple Biblical principles and find success in the pursuit of their own dreams. This week, his new book, God Was Self-Employed, is available for purchase online for $12.95.

God Was Self-Employed takes a familiar message and delivers it in an enjoyable new way. Todd uses Scripture to deliver a message about how anyone can become free to realize his or her full potential. With energy and wit, Todd shares stories of his own upbringing and the lessons he has learned that offer universal principles for anyone at any stage of life's journey.

Todd McBroom's talents go beyond writing. He is also an incredible motivational speaker, owner of several businesses and teacher and mentor for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. He says, "I hope to inspire others to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them. My own journey has been one of overcoming obstacles and staying the course, and I hope the book inspires others to do the same."

God Was Self-Employed is published by Next Century Publishing.

About Todd McBroom:

Todd McBroom is a Christian, husband and father, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He often uses lessons in the Bible to enhance his own teaching, endeavoring to help people deal with and succeed in the real world. Todd hopes to inspire others to take advantage of the many opportunities offered to them through his unique combination of expertise in both business and ministry.

For more information, please visit ToddMcBroom.com or connect directly with Todd at toddmcbroom(at)gmail(dot)com 337.349.6426.