JewBelong's HANUKKAH GUIDE Fuels Eight Nights Of Joyous Judaism

By: Dec. 18, 2019

JewBelong's HANUKKAH GUIDE Fuels Eight Nights Of Joyous Judaism

JewBelong cofounders Archie Gottesman and Stacy Stuart believe Judaism sometimes gets a bad rap - and they're out to change that with easy-to-follow, fun, relevant, sometimes cheeky, and always meaningful content.

To celebrate the holiday season this year, which starts at sundown on December 22 through December 30, JewBelong has released its original Hanukkah Guide, which includes a little taste of what Judaism has to offer, hoping that once people use it they will be back for more, hooked on its balance of warmth and meaning.

The new Hanukkah booklet is full of wonderful and uplifting original content, including two original skits that tell the story of the Jewish holiday. It also includes traditional prayers and blessings, as well as contemporary ones for each of the eight nights.

The guide also includes songs and readings about Hanukkah and the resolve of the Jewish people, including stories of the badass underdog Maccabees.

Stuart recounts her own story of growing up, in which she celebrated Christmas instead of Hanukkah. "The first time I can remember lighting a menorah of my own was with my husband. He was also brought up in a secular household, but once we were engaged we decided that we wanted to bring Jewish customs into our lives and home.

"People who haven't experienced Joyous Judaism may only know from the rules and the Hebrew," says Gottesman. "That's led to too many people missing out on the good stuff and JewBelong is out to change all that!" She continues, "Just scratch the surface and you'll see that Judaism is full of warmth and meaning and values that anyone with a heart will want to live by."

JewBelong's own brand of Judaism stands for inclusion and welcomes everyone wherever they are - or aren't - on their Jewish journey, Gottesman and Stuart say, so that they no longer have to suffer from what they call 'Jewbarrassment' (that queasy feeling people get when they think they should know something about the religion but they don't.)

"Hanukkah is a great opportunity to give people what they're searching for - the traditional blessings - plus a little more to add deeper meaning and connection to the holiday, which can be a delightful surprise for many families," says Stuart.

JewBelong's skits are engaging and fun, and the relatable updated candle readings are a fabulous way to connect Jewish practice with today's current events.

Gottesman and Stuart are adamant that JewBelong exists for all Jews, but especially, those they lovingly call 'Disengaged Jews.'

"Hanukkah is one way in," adds Gottesman, "and can help lead to more Jewish practice, from a simple and beautiful, and English, blessing to a child on a Friday night, to a Passover Seder, bris, and more!"

To download a copy of JewBelong's Hanukkah Guide, and for more information and original content from JewBelong, visit


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