HEAVEN ON EARTH Gets Up Close and Personal With One of Australia's Top Psychics

HEAVEN ON EARTH Gets Up Close and Personal With One of Australia's Top Psychics

Sydney, Australia

Though Suzie Price is one of Australia's most popular psychic mediums with consultations booked years in advance, many do not know her troubled backstory.

After suffering a near-death experience at age 7, Price discovered gifts that allowed her to see beyond what was in front of her eyes. Yet, she still faced visible obstacles-depression and anxiety, financial burdens and a stroke at age 30.

These struggles led Price to develop her psychic abilities further, which eventually blossomed from a lifestyle into a booming career. At her clients' request, she has created a guide for finding success in the midst of trial, "Ghost Whisperer Suzie."

"I wanted to share my thoughts on different subjects to allow people to see inside my mind," said Price. "I share my knowledge of many spiritual subjects and psychic development to help others develop their own abilities and understanding of themselves and life."

In her new spiritual guide, Price gives readers a glimpse into the life of a professional psychic medium. She introduces methods and tools for opening the mind to help readers find improvement in their lives.

Price goes a step further and provides a firsthand account of how her beliefs and aptitudes played a key role in conquering her hardships early in life. Her explanations of mediumship and spirituality provide a fresh perspective on how to create a happier, more meaningful life.

"By observing your thoughts and taking more control of the energy you are creating and putting out, you can work with the universe to create a brighter future," said Price.

"Ghost Whisperer Suzie: Heaven on Earth"
By: Suzie Price
ISBN Soft Cover: 978-1-4525-1280-8
ISBN e-book: 978-1-4525-1279-2
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press online store

About the author
A professional psychic medium for 15 years, Suzie Price has developed a favorable reputation for her psychic abilities discovered at age 7. She is a member of the International Psychic Association and has traveled to the United Kingdom and New Zealand to conduct readings and stage shows in front of large audiences. In addition to demonstrating her capabilities, Price is a songwriter and published magazine article author. She is happily married with five children.