Frank Freudberg Releases New Novel, FIND VIRGIL

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ It's 1995 and Big Tobacco thinks it's invincible. But it's wrong. Very wrong.

In Frank Freudberg's new novel, Find Virgil, dying Philadelphia-based journalist Martin Muntor is an extremely dangerous man. Second-hand smoke gave him lung cancer, and he's not amused.

He's hell-bent on getting revenge against the cigarette companies while he still can. And Muntor has a plan to destroy Big Tobacco, and he doesn't care how many people he takes with him.

In 1995, the tobacco industry is sitting pretty.

Addicted consumers buy cigarettes despite soaring costs and proven health risks. Powerful lobbyists pressure lawmakers. Industry revenues reach record highs.

Things are looking good for the billion-dollar corporations and their millionaire executives.

Then something happens they never see coming: Martin Muntor is diagnosed with cancer, and he swears he won't go quietly. He devises an ingenious strategy of revenge to put the tobacco industry out of business.

Muntor is motivated and driven to succeed. Nothing can stop him.

Muntor who wants to be known as "Virgil" executes his plan and spikes packs of cigarettes with sodium cyanide and slips them back into the retail distribution chain. Hundreds die.

He manipulates the media and toys with the FBI, and he promises a "grand finale" the world will never forget.

Muntor taunts tobacco company investigator Tommy Rhoads, and Rhoads takes it personally. As Rhoads closes in, Muntor puts his scheme into overdrive.

More people die. Helpless tobacco companies are desperate and authorities panic. Finally, Rhoads corners Muntor ... but is he in time to prevent the lethal catastrophe Muntor engineered?

Praise for Freudberg's previous work
" painting a desperate and convincing picture of disease-peddlers and sufferers who have drifted off the deep end." Kirkus Reviews
"...Freudberg's characters have a single-minded way of hammering away at their goals until they either self-destruct or get what they want." -- Boston Herald
"...will keep readers riveted until the final page. Hollywood's leading actors should be asking their agents about this one. If a movie version turned out to be as riveting as the book, it would be a big winner." Associated Press

About the author

Frank Freudberg is a novelist and ghostwriter. He lives near Philadelphia with his son and fianc. He's contributed to Reuters, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Der Spiegel, Christian Science Monitor and others. His work has been mentioned in many notable publications including Time, Newsweek, and The Guardian.

Interview the author

Contact Frank Freudberg at 1-800-875-2844, or via email

To learn more about Find Virgil, click here. Additionally, Find Virgil has an unusual publishing history; read more about that under the "From the Author" section on the novel's Amazon page.

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Frank Freudberg Releases New Novel, FIND VIRGIL

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