FAITH - A PATHWAY FROM DARKNESS Reveals Faith's Potential

FAITH - A PATHWAY FROM DARKNESS Reveals Faith's Potential


According to author Graham Jocumsen, "Most of us have to face some periods of darkness at various times during our lives. These may arise from a host of things including mental illness, accidents, family disharmony, acts of violence, employment challenges, financial hardships, severe life disappointments and from minor or major general stresses of everyday life." "Faith - A Pathway from Darkness" (published by Xlibris AU) reflects upon the potential positive role that faith can play in the lives of all who have suffered and continue to suffer.

"Faith - A Pathway from Darkness" follows the journey of faith of Jocumsen who has had particular life-long struggles with anxiety and depression. His account aims to provide encouragement to readers to fearlessly investigate the nature and role of faith in their own lives and to assess its value to them in pursuing a happy, contributory and contented existence. In this book, Jocumsen demonstrates how he 'found' an alignment with a 'higher power' through his particular upbringing within the Christian faith.

Encouraging and accommodating, this memoir narrates Jocumsen's personal experiences and reflections that hopefully will give others more confidence to pursue their own pathways towards belief in 'something' beyond the reach of irrefutable evidence. He does not seek to convert but rather to encourage openness to the possibility that faith can positively contribute to the reader's lives.

"Faith - A Pathway from Darkness"
By Graham Jocumsen
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 114 pages | ISBN 9781479754632
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 114 pages | ISBN 9781479754625
E-Book | 114 pages | ISBN 9781479754649
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About the Author
Graham Jocumsen is a retired academic whose teaching and research have revolved around marketing strategy, marketing research, and small business marketing. His publications to date have been primarily in the academic literature. He has a PhD qualification in marketing strategy decision making in small businesses. This current book is his first serious attempt to publish in the non-fiction, self-help field. Jocumsen has read extensively in the self help genre over many years in attempts to better understand his own mental health challenges related to anxiety and depression. He has previously written a non-fiction book entitled '"Self Defence for Consumers."

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