Dupree Cook Releases DADDY'S GIRLS

Dupree Cook Releases DADDY'S GIRLS

Daphne, AL

God's plan is for women to be helpmeets to their husbands, with men standing ready to accept responsibility and teach their children, but the devil has destroyed the important role of a father in modern society. That's the belief of a pastor and bishop who has written a new book designed to help women - and men - learn to live more fulfilling lives. Without fathers, Bishop Dupree Cook writes that children go astray, especially sons who will someday become fathers: "A fatherless generation is a powerless generation," which is exactly what the devil wants.

In "Daddy's Girls: Learning a Woman's Worth from Your Dad," Cook writes that girls look to their fathers to see what a man should be (a provider and protector), and without this guidance, they are cast adrift and vulnerable to brokenness. Far better for them to have a father - or spiritual father - to help show them the way. Drawing on biblical scripture and real-life examples, the book aims to show people how to escape the past, breaking free of old disappointments, failures, and unfortunate events. In the end, women must take responsibility for their lives. "If you don't know you are special, you will continue to act common," Cook writes. "God has created you to be special."

Author Dupree Cook founded Right Spirit Non-Denominational Church in 1992 after having a vision from God. The church has grown from its original seven members, and Cook was ordained bishop in 2000. Cook, pastor of Right Spirit Ministries, is presiding bishop of Father's Arms Fellowship in Spanish Fort, Ala. The Beacon University and Christian Life of Theology graduate is a teacher, spiritual shepherd, entrepreneur, father, and husband dedicated to serving others. He and his wife, Shajuane, have four daughters, one of whom passed away.

For additional information, please visit http://www.T2Ldaddyzgirlz.com.

Daddy's Girls: Learning a Woman's Worth from Your Dad
Dupree Cook
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2825-5
124 pages
$15.95 US

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