Dr. John Kinkel Publishes New Book PAPAL PARALYSIS

Dr. John Kinkel Publishes New Book PAPAL PARALYSIS

Dr. John Kinkel, professor of medical sociology at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, has released his new book entitled, "Papal Paralysis: How the Vatican Dealt with the AIDS Crisis." The book, which is being released to coincide with World AIDS Day today, December 1, explores a scholarly four-year study pertaining to the views of contraceptives by Catholic Church officials.

"Papal Paralysis" utilizes a historical case study method to juxtapose the moral and ethical dilemmas of Catholic Church officials when asked to help fight the worldwide spread of AIDS through the use of contraceptives. Dr. Kinkel's research explores Pope John Paul II and his opposition to artificial birth control in the early 1980's, the Catholic Church's stance of abstinence and fidelity on combating the AIDS pandemic of the early 1990's and the policies of Pope Benedict XVI, who upheld these same ideals.

Dr. Kinkel's book culminates in a critical review of the Catholic Church's policy regarding the use of condoms and the decision to permit contraceptives in a 2010 statement by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The book concludes that the church's failure to properly deal with the AIDS crisis was its greatest modern scandal, with the end result being thousands of lives lost.

"Papal Paralysis" is being heralded as a breakthrough by scholars who have dedicated themselves to seeking explanations in regards to the horrendous failure of religious leaders to lessen the spread of AIDS in the 1990's. Professor Kent Schwirian of Ohio State University states that, "the book is very well-written, eschews professional jargon and will be of great interest to all concerned with the 'intractable nature of human institutions and those who run them.'"

The idea for "Papal Paralysis" came to Dr. Kinkel during his instruction of medical sociology at Oakland University. The questions of his students, who were appalled that a religion could be so insensitive to human needs, spurred Dr. Kinkel to take a refined approach to examining the history of contraceptives and their taboo within the Catholic Church.

"Papal Paralysis" is now available for purchase through the publisher, Lexington Books. For more information on the book and Dr. Kinkel or purchase a copy of the text, visit www.LexingtonBooks.com or call toll free, 1-800-462-6420.

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7391-7684-9, 130 pages
E-book ISBN: 978-0-7391-7685-6, 130 pages