Charles C. McPeek Takes THE LONG DARK JOURNEY in New Book

Charles C. McPeek Takes THE LONG DARK JOURNEY in New Book

Charles C. McPeek, Sr. was born on April 3, 1929 in the small town of Rogersville, Tennessee. His childhood was cut short and quickly progressed to an adult lifestyle. At the age of 13, Charles left home to work in the highly illegal field of moonshine whiskey.

When he turned 16, Charles talked his boss into teaching him to drive a special built 1940 Ford designed to haul 12 gallons of moonshine without the extra weight being noticed. "By the time I turned 18," Charles explains, "I was delivering fresh brewed moonshine whiskey to retailers throughout the Southern States, including Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and both the Carolinas."

When he turned 19, every law enforcement agency in the Deep South was intent on hunting him down. "The heat was on, so I left Tennessee and joined The United States Army," says Charles.

After 36 weeks of basic training, five weeks of Jump School and three weeks of hand-to-hand combat training, Charles found himself with the 8th Ranger Company in Korea. "I soon found that the death and destruction I had to face only added to the traumatic lifestyle I had chosen," he recalls. "By now I'm a hopeless alcoholic hooked on any mind changing drug available to me!"

Follow Charles through The Long Dark Journey of life as he struggles to over come the obstacles of any man's worst nightmare.

His book "The Long Dark Journey" is now available for purchase. For the first 500 books sold, $4.00 of each book will be donated to McPeeks Helping Hand, a community service/charitable organization designed to curb/prevent substance abuse among today's youth by providing alternative activity such as: Talent Shows, Talent Contest, Swim Clubs, etc. "One ounce of prevention is equal to one pound of cure!" Charles exclaims.

"Our youth are our future leaders. We have a strong military, but not strong enough!" says Charles. "If I were The President, I would work with the United States Congress and the American people to enact legislation calling for a Back-Up draft of all able bodied youth between the ages of 18 and 26 years old to spend two years in military service. All draftees, however, would be exempt from combat duty except through the present volunteer system. The military training would make better men out of boys, and better women out of girls."

While in Korea 1951 - 1952, Charles was made acting 2nd Lieutenant and later recommended for the C.M.H. He holds the permanent rank of Corporal. "After Korea I hit Skid-row. I got sober and ran for United States Congress House of Representatives, Maryland and ran again in 1970 and once more in 2000.

"In 1958 I married my wife, Reba Jean. We have two children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Come next May 17, we will have been married 56 happy years! We are on our way back up from a great downfall," Charles concludes.

The Long Dark Journey by Charles C. McPeek, Sr. can be purchased at, and is available for special order and online at for $15.99.

Charles C. McPeek, Sr.

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Charles C. McPeek Takes THE LONG DARK JOURNEY in New Book