Cathryn Dines Releases THE LAST WEEKEND to Show Effects of Alcoholism On Families

Cathryn Dines Releases THE LAST WEEKEND to Show Effects of Alcoholism On Families

Author Cathryn Dines has witnessed the effects of alcoholism firsthand. Both of her parents were alcoholics whose problem affected everyone in the family. In her new book, "The Last Weekend" (published by Lulu), Dines offers a unique view into the daily lives of a family living with the chaos, pain and heartbreak that alcoholism brings and reminds readers that there is always hope for recovery."

"My story is extreme," says Dines. "I wanted to give hope that recovery is possible no matter how difficult the situation."

Neglected and often abused by her alcoholic parents, protagonist Karen Douglas lives in a home made up of smoke and mirrors. Her parents try to maintain the façade of a perfect family, but well-meaning intentions to better the family often end in further disasters.

Karen hopes to escape this life when she marries the charming Neil; yet her problems persist. As the pain and heartache intensifies, Karen feels her life is spiraling out of control. Can she get the help she needs before it's too late?

An excerpt from "The Last Weekend":

"Karen was only half listening to Andrew. She felt sick at heart. Several months ago, they'd had to take out a second mortgage. She had resisted when Neil first mentioned it, asking how they could possibly handle two payments if they were having trouble with one. Neil had exploded in a rage. 'You have no faith in me! This is just a slump.'"

"The Last Weekend"
By Cathryn Dines
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 193 pages | ISBN 9780557386635

About the Author
Cathryn Dines attended teachers college. She married a year later and over the next six years moved across Canada. She completed two years of university and special education courses and moved to Ottawa. She was hired as a special education teacher for a class with learning disabilities. She remained there for 15 years. She loved her students and found the work extremely rewarding. She later transferred to a primary school near her home where she taught English to French immersion students in grades four and five. She retired in 2004.

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