Bruce R. Kindig Releases COURAGE AND DEVOTION

Bruce R. Kindig Releases COURAGE AND DEVOTION


More than 50 Civil War reenactments will be taking place this September in the United States. Author Bruce Kindig has been taking part of these reenactments for more than 30 years. Kindig is furthering his passion and experience as a history teacher by writing a new book surrounding a specific unit in the Civil War.

Kindig's new book "Courage and Devotion" takes place at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, encompassing the story of Bankhead and Scott's Battery, which is rarely discussed and has little information on the regimental level. This story concludes the battles and campaigns of the unit, while intricately acknowledging individual soldiers and what they did during the war.

"I took a fondness on Bankhead and Scott's Battery many years ago and found that very little was known about the unit," Kindig said. "Failing to find a diary or letters from the original members, I decided to write the book so that all of the research I had done would not be lost if I were to die."

"Courage and Devotion" covers how the artilleryman trained and lived, the battery fought and the results, what specific soldiers did in the war and after, and where the unit fit in to the general political and military situation of the time. A complete breakdown of every member in the Confederate army is explored, showing who was killed, captured, died of disease, deserted or fought to the very last battle in 1865.

"Every man that served in Bankhead Scott's Battery is described with information about recruitment, occupation, wounded or killed in battle or died of illness or deserted," Kindig said. "Four men were still serving when the Army of Tennessee of Tennessee surrendered in April 1865."

"Courage and Devotion"
By: Bruce R. Kindig
ISBN: 978-1-4969-1835-2
Retail price: $29.99
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About the author:
Bruce R. Kindig received his bachelor's and master's degree in history from the University of Northern Iowa. He taught history in the Davenport Community School District and served as an adjunct professor teaching US history at Scott Community College until he retired after more than 35 years of teaching. He is still a member of the West Tennessee Historical Society