Book of Spells II by Simon C. H. Lai is Released

Book of Spells II by Simon C. H. Lai is Released

CANBERRA, Australia, May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Why doesn't the Law of Attraction work for you? - Welcome to the Book of Spells II, a book that explains possibly why you can't get the things you desire and how to break free. If the laws of attraction existed, wouldn't you believe that there is also a competition on that realm? People with conflicting interests of what they want and what you want are not aligned? Someone has got to be the victor. Welcome to the world of spells. Spells are used for creating the death and birth of forms, these could be in the form of mental spells that are affecting you right now! It's important to break free to get your true alignment to your purpose and what you so desire in life.

The idea of the book is to enlighten you that you're under a spell, nearly all the time in fact, as spells (and these could be mental spells) are cast all the time whether on purpose or not on purpose. They affect your mood, your energy channels.

Energy channels are important for you to achieve what you want in life, attract those things in life. Your enemies however, due to greed or envy may want to close off your energy channels so you can't attract the love, the opportunities you need in life, amongst many other things.

What happens when a person is feeling not good, moody, they may blame themselves, but this book doesn't teach you to blame yourself, it teaches to know the source of the problem and to understand it's not you. Knowing the spells, is also the first step in breaking them, as you need to realise, the realisation step will loosen the grips of those nasty spells. How do spells happen, and how do they reach you, is all explained in the book.

In the metaphysical world, there is a battle of spells happening, people not only not get what they want to attract, but end up with the opposite of what they don't want. There is trickery in the battle and things are not as simple as a direct thought of attraction. So you see, the laws of attraction is very primitive and this book teaches things aren't that simple in the real plane of what is really going on in the world of spells.

This book enlightens you to spells and your true alignment, it opens you to possibilities and doesn't blame you for any lack of knowledge.

The book is recommended to people who like books like Law of Attraction and The Secret.

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Book of Spells II by Simon C. H. Lai is Released