Blue Dome Press Releases New Book by Ilber Ortayli

Blue Dome Press Releases New Book by Ilber Ortayli

The Ottoman Empire was once the biggest empire on earth, reigning over much of Eastern Europe and the Middle East for over six hundred years. For much of that period, Topkapi Palace, an architectural jewel on Istanbul's historic peninsula, was the heart of the Empire. It was where the Sultan not only made important political decisions, but also where he lived with his family.

In his new book, "Private and Royal Life in the Ottoman Palace," Ottoman historian and former director of the Topkapi Palace Museum Ilber Ortayli gives an unprecedented look at what life was like inside the palace. He explores the parts of the palace where decisions that changed an empire were made, and then looks at how the Ottoman court actually lived, dispelling many misperceptions in the process.

Using both text and photos, and exploring politics, architecture, and culture, Ortayli deepens our understanding of what life was like during one of the most remarkable empires in human history.

About the author: Ilber Ortayli, professor of history and the former director of the Topkapi Palace Museum, is the author of numerous books and articles on Ottoman history and is a frequent speaker on history and culture during the Ottoman era. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

"Private and Royal Life in the Ottoman Palace"
Author: Ilber Ortayli
ISBN: 978-1-935295-45-7, 6 by 9, paperback, $11.95, 159 pages
Publication: August 2014
Published by Blue Dome Press
Distributed by National Book Network, 800-462-6420800-462-6420,

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