Best-Selling Author William R. Forstchen Releases New Book

As a recognized expert on infrastructure security, William R. Forstchen, Ph.D. knows exactly what the outcome of an EMP attack on our nation would be. He would like to add his perspective to the discussions taking place in the media over how the potential threat from North Korea should be handled. He believes that, "too many commentators are putting too much emphasis on the fact that North Korea allegedly lacks two key components for an effective first strike against the Continental United States; namely, effective reentry shielding for a nuclear warhead to 'ground strike' one of our major cities, and the precision guidance such an attack would require."

After years of research studying the effects of an EMP strike, Forstchen believes this train of thought is dangerously misleading. A first strike against America would undoubtedly employ a nuclear weapon as an electro-magnetic pulse attack. As a recognized expert who has met with many government officials, and made presentations to members of Congress, Forstchen explains that: "An effective EMP strike is initiated by bursting a low to medium yield warhead 200-250 miles above the earth's surface, therefore negating the need for reentry shielding and precision guidance systems."

Bi-partisan Congressional studies done in 2004 and 2008 on the threat of an EMP attack, confirmed that a nation-crippling strike would require as few as three weapons detonated over the eastern, central and western United States. The required lift capacity of an ICBM was clearly demonstrated by North Korea this year. "As to the question of miniaturization, configuring a warhead for an above-atmosphere burst is far less complex than one that can withstand the high G and heat resistance of a precision-guided warhead. Just these two facts alone indicate that North Korea is fully capable of crippling the United States," says Forstchen.

The effect of an EMP attack on our nation was the basis of Forstchen's bestselling books, One Second After, One Year After and The Final Day, as well as in numerous media presentations.

The crisis is now upon us and Forstchen believes that, "blaming the current administration for 'provocative rhetoric that will only encourage North Korea to continue to press the edge of the envelope' is like imagining that in 1962 an entire wing of a political party cried out that Kennedy's necessary stand in the Cuban Crisis was dangerous and the crisis itself was his fault!"

In answer to the former head of the NSA's declaration on August 10th that 'perhaps it's time that we accept that North Korea is nuclear capable and not press the issue,' Forstchen responds with: "This is a fearful policy of abject appeasement. Not confronting North Korea's nuclear ambitions by previous administrations now results in this current crisis. It is a confrontation we must face today with a rogue nation that can launch a preemptive first strike that could destroy America. To accept North Korea's ambitions today will mean that before the end of this decade our country will face the same level of threat from Iran."

William R. Forstchen has a Ph.D. in military history and history of technology. He has worked with many senior government officials, and One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read. Bill resides in Black Mountain, NC, with his wife Robin.

All of Bill Forstchen's books can be found at: www.Amazon.comBest-Selling Author William R. Forstchen Releases New Book

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