Bard and Book Publishing Offers Numerous Titles Perfect For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the time to download stories filled with love and romance. Bard and Book Publishing has the perfect lineup of works to help celebrate the season of love.

Love Can Be Scary by OJ Wolfsmasher
From the demented mind of OJ Wolfsmasher comes a molotov cocktail of a love story destined to not ever wind up on the same bookshelf as any book from Nicholas Sparks. It will either make you reconsider what you think about everything, or just make you angry. You won't find out until you read it.

Fanjanko meets a beautiful and mysterious woman who turns his life upside down and shakes it like an etch-a-sketch. Is she everything he's ever wanted, or is she just playing a dangerous game?

Amish Love Story by Derek Elkins
As Jebebzediah travels away from home for the first time, he catches sight of the lovely, yet oddly misshapen Esmerelda. Before their romance has a chance to blossom, obstacles fall like chickens from heaven. Will their love see them through? Will they walk hand in hand, victorious over the enemies of love or will they stumble over the doorstep of Amish courtship rituals?<

Prairie Romance by Derek Elkins
Prairie Romance is a parody that follows the story of Jolene, who just lost her father and is now being pressured by the Mayor to either sell him the dirt farm or marry him. After rejecting the Mayor's advances, she is saved at the last minute by the handsome stranger known as Hank.

Download information for all of the titles can be found on their respective pages on the Bard and Book website.