Author Releases 'Ancient History of Northeast Asia Redefined'

According to Mosol, Don S. Lee MD, MPH, in an academic sense, the whole world got only one-sided story through the ancient Chinese scriptures interpreted and disseminated by the Han Chinese. It is very difficult to interpret ancient Chinese ideograms, without knowing the evolutionary process of each Chinese character and culture. It is inconceivable to accept the interpretation provided by one party as a final word. He believes other scholars need to explore it as well. Lee has been exploring this complex issue for a long time and proudly announce "Ancient History of Northeast Asia Redefined: ??? ??? ??" (published by Xlibris) to the sinologists worldwide. For more details, please visit

"Ancient History of Northeast Asia Redefined: ??? ??? ??" aims to make readers realize that the ancient Chinese logograms have evolved through a long period. "Chinese manipulated ancient scriptures. Yet, history embedded in it. Since tempering the poems is very difficult, ancient history is in the Shijing as well," Lee adds.

He tackles the foundation of the YRVC, analyzes ancient scriptures and adapted a new methodology based on mathematical model to study Chinese scriptures and came out with a new frame of picture about ancient history of Northeast Asia. The Eurasian nomads moved from Khan Tengri region of Central Asia to the east, settled in the birthplace of the YRVC, controlled the epic flood and set the capital of Dangun Joseon around the Xiechi pool. The mob killed Dangun Wanggeom, set the Xia dynasty (?) of China and chased out the Dangun followers to the north. The Wanggeom followers ended up in the Northeast Asia and left their culture. They spread out to further north and through the sea of Hahn (??) to the Japanese archipelago to Okinawa. One branch of the Dangun Joseon descendants, Baekje even had the Chinese Imperial Seal for a while. This constant struggle of the two groups is the history of Northeast Asia.

He said; "This essay is a very unique historiography based on the new concept about the ancient history written by Chinese scholars under Confucian value. It is my argument that the ancient scriptures had been misinterpreted. I assert that the English translation (accurate in tone, meaning, and content) of any and all foreign-language text in book one is my personal view intended for academic discussion."

"Ancient History of Northeast Asia Redefined: ??? ??? ??"
By Mosol, Don S. Lee MD, MPH
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 264 pages | ISBN 9781984539137
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 264 pages | ISBN 9781984539120
E-Book | 264 pages | ISBN 9781984539113
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About the Author
Mosol, Don S. Lee MD, MPH was born in 1940, educated and received his Doctor of Medicine degree in Korea and came to the United States in 1970. He got his training from Indiana University Medical Center and held faculty positions at George Washington University. He retired in 2010 from the Georgetown University Medical Center. He had learned to understand the ancient Chinese classics in Korea, joined a group of Korean scholars interested in neo Confucian study and served the position of vice president representing the Washington D.C. area for two years.

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