Anti-Aging Author Says Much 'Old Age Decline' Is Culturally Caused

ESCONDIDO, Calif., July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Advanced age and mental and physical decline are not necessarily a "cause and effect" phenomenon according to octogenarian author Barbara Morris. Her new book, The New Put Old on Holdclaims much of the decline attributed to "old age" is actually culturally caused and could be prevented.

As a primary culprit, Ms. Morris points to passage of the Social Security Act in the 1930s that established leisure oriented retirement as THE way to live after age 65. Over time, a well-defined decline oriented "senior" mindset developed that most retirees gradually adopt that dictates how "seniors" are expected to think, dress, and behave. The author says, "It's like groupie teenage thinking and behavior that stunts growth and development. The conventional senior lifestyle is an antiquated approach to living the older years. It facilitates decline and convinces retirees they are old and helpless which robs them of years of youthful vitality."

Ms. Morris explains that blaming genes for mental and physical deterioration is common, but the reality is, how we think about ourselves in relation to the aging process, what we accept as normal and acceptable, and the lifestyle we live all have a tremendous impact on how fast mental and physical decline takes place.

"You can't warehouse healthy mature individuals in 'seniors only' facilities and communities and not expect rapid mental and physical decline because the predominant decline oriented thinking and behaviors of the group become the norm for all."

The 88- year- old author agrees everyone should live the way they choose to live but adds, "Unfortunately, institutionalized retirement has made it difficult for 'ageless outliers' who want to continue to grow and stay productive with a balanced lifestyle of work and leisure. Such 'ageless outliers' are described as 'wonderful for their age' anomalies because they dare to live and think outside of the traditional decline oriented "senior culture box."

The solution, says the Barbara Morris, is prevention creating awareness in the mind of those nearing or in early retirement to the truth that they don't have to cave in to culturally mandated decline, that they don't have to forfeit youthful abilities and a vibrant lifestyle because they reached an arbitrary age established by the government as "the time" to pursue leisure and in the process, throw away God-given mental and physical gifts and a lifetime of accumulated wisdom, education and experience.

Barbara Morris' new book, The New Put Old on Hold is available on Amazon. It is not intended for and should not be read by content retirees. It is for those who want learn and grow and enjoy ongoing youthful vital maturity regardless of age.

Her monthly newsletter, The Put Old on Hold Journal invites subscribers who want to maintain healthy youthful longevity.

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