Anita Pugh, Caroline Hipple, Chris Matthies, and Dixon Bartlett Announce A PATHWAY TO PROFIT

Anita Pugh, Caroline Hipple, Chris Matthies, and Dixon Bartlett Announce A PATHWAY TO PROFIT

Atlanta, GA

Authors and furniture industry veterans, Anita Pugh, Caroline Hipple, Chris Matthies and Dixon Bartlett announce the publishing of their new book, A Pathway to Profit. A Pathway to Profit is more than a management book; it is also a primer giving a behind-the-scenes picture of developing a culture linking people and profit. The authors' step-by-step pathway provides a strategic overview, describes a recommended architecture on which to build an organization's culture, and presents a plan for developing leaders to ensure associate participation in achieving results. This management philosophy guides for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations; it works with different ages and diverse backgrounds; in fact, it works for any team with a leader. Sharing actual experiences to illustrate each step, the authors take their own advice and offer wisdom that seems to come from an old friend.

Lisa Cassinger of Retailer Now magazine calls A Pathway to Profit "inspired reading", calling the book a guidebook every retailer and manufacturer should read. "It's written by industry icons," she says, "who pull back the curtain and share how This End Up and Storehouse created cultures unlike any other. Though they give all the credit for this idea to This End Up founder Stewart Brown, it is obvious that without these individuals driving the efforts things would have been very different. Brown realized early on that everything could be, stores, catalogs - but not people. And that is the crux of the culture. Pathway to Profit gives readers a step-by step explanation of how (and why) to build the type of internal culture that leads to fiscal profit. And that the culture is the reason both Storehouse and This End Up were two of the most successful companies in the history of the furniture industry."

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