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A Viral Video About a Day in the Life of a Merperson, and a Book by Sonia Faruqi That Explores Way Beyond

A Viral Video About a Day in the Life of a Merperson, and a Book by Sonia Faruqi That Explores Way Beyond Have you ever wanted to take a sneak peek into the life of a mermaid? Wondered what they eat, where they sleep, what their options for recreation are, or simply where in the deep blue sea they dwell? Even if you had not thought about it before, your curiosity has most likely been triggered by now. These questions (and more) have been answered in the latest episode "What If Mermaids and Mermen Existed?" of the What If series created by popular science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili, which crossed a million views over one weekend.

The video adds intriguing visuals to the scientific knowledge and expansive imagination incorporated into a script by author Sonia Faruqi, who has recently come out with her debut novel, The Oyster Thief. It is this novel that the episode extracts most of its content from. The Oyster Thief opens a portal to a world of merpeople for readers to have an exhilarating deep-sea experience, while underlining the significance of ocean conservation as a real-world issue. The book has been endorsed by bestselling author Jodi Picoult and ocean scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle, has garnered rave reviews in Forbes, Publishers Weekly, Toronto Star, and Globe and Mail, and is becoming a favourite among readers.

The Oyster Thief tells the story of Coralline and Izar, a mermaid and a human, whose lives and worlds coincide to tell a tale rich in adventure, romance, and mystery. Coralline's world is shaken when her little brother falls sick due to an oil spill in the ocean, so she sets out to find an elixir made of starlight, which is believed to be the cure for his illness. Meanwhile, a turn of events leads Izar from the brink of a life-changing discovery to being Coralline's companion in her quest.

National award-winning journalist and author Julie Mcelwain endorsed the book saying, "The Oyster Thief is a wildly imaginative journey on land and in the ocean that will have you anxiously turning pages late into the night to discover the fate of Coralline and Izar-and the underwater world itself. Beautifully written and emotionally complex."

Sonia has previously authored Project Animal Farm, a critically acclaimed work of investigative journalism, providing insight on the world's food industry. The book earned her three prestigious nominations in literary awards, and endorsements from Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee, Temple Grandin, and CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey. Sonia demonstrated her dedication in The Oyster Thief as well, by exploring the underwater realm through snorkeling, scuba-diving, and swimming with sharks to create a realistic setting for her imaginary world. The novel is sure to be a delightful read for those into science and fantasy, and have a soft corner for mermaids.

More about The Oyster Thief and Sonia Faruqi:
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