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Review | UQ Law Revue 2020: LAW ACTUALLY

Review | UQ Law Revue 2020: LAW ACTUALLYFor many of us, Love Actually plays a fundamental role in our Christmas Celebrations. Whether it's listening to its iconic playlist as you make Christmas lunch or watching it every third or second day until Christmas.

Surely that's not just me... So, as you can imagine, I was taken over by a wave of excitement when I found out that the UQ Law Society were parodying it as their Law Revue for 2020. Featuring Joe Dwyer as the head writer, the show consisted on a series of hilarious comedy sketches featuring a number of different politicians past and present, Christmas shoppers, work parties and even a real life (and very sexually active) Duolingo. Sleepovers were had, mummy was caught kissing Santa Claus, Anastasia Palaszczuk was in Hamilton and estoppel was asked to be granted in song. There was even a parody of the QANTAS ad about paying off student loans, which was a real tear jerker fomall of the university students in the audience.

Under Sienna McInnes-Smith's direction the band was fantastic and you couldn't help but bopping in your seat at their every note. Kurt Munkton's choreography captured the razzle dazzle nature of the show perfectly and chorus director Zoe Jeffrey did a fantastic job creating such a powerful sound and exquisite harmonies in the musical numbers.

In terms of the direction, in many of the bits I felt very neglected as an audience member sitting on the right hand side (prompt side) of the seating bank, as most of the action and blocking confined from centre stage, to the left hand side of the stage. This meant that I often missed out on seeing the actors facial expressions and missed out a number of the jokes. Additionally, the transitions between the performance items was quite long and messy, which lead to the audience being thrown out of the world of the story which the actors had worked hard to create.

Overall, the cast was fantastic and powered through with so much energy that I couldn't help but wonder if an energy drink company was sponsoring the show, or skittles or both. The show is smart, witty and snappy and guaranteed to make you snort with you laugh. I cannot wait to see next years revue.

Show: 2020 UQ Revue: Law Actually

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