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BWW Blog: How to Succeed in Blogging Without Really Trying: Hello, Lia!

BWW Blog: How to Succeed in Blogging Without Really Trying: Hello, Lia!

Hi world! Thanks for stopping by!

I am so excited to be a new student blogger for BroadwayWorld, as I am a longtime follower and of course, a devoted theatre lover.

So, who am I? (Sung in a Jean Valjean voice)

My name is Lia and I'm a 3rd year Theatre major with a performance concentration and an English minor (and probably something else along the way) at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts!

My dream is to spend my life creating art. One day, I hope to have a career in Theatre, Writing, Television, Arts Administration, Arts Advocacy and Public Performance. (Or something like that.) For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry!

I guess you could say I grew up in the theatre-both of my parents were involved in theatre. My Mom was a choreographer and lighting designer and my Dad was a set designer, director, and technical director, and they even ran a summer theatre program for children. Ironically, I didn't want to attend. I also refused to go onstage at my first dance recital even though my mom was my dance teacher (what a diva!) but, I guess I eventually got bit by the show business bug and then I spent the rest of my childhood belting out "Jacob and Sons" at the top of my lungs.

The rest is history. I spent my nights at rehearsals, voice lessons, dance lessons and summers at acting camps. I loved growing up in theatre!

Like I mentioned earlier, I am currently a Theatre student at Northeastern, and co-op is one of the greatest parts of going to Northeastern! We have an "experiential learning" requirement which allows us to gain professional experience before we graduate through our elaborate co-op program. The program is a great way to test out industries and fields. It is a huge reason why I decided to attend my school. In addition to co-op, Northeastern provides students with endless other opportunities to experience learning both inside and outside the classroom. I spent this past summer studying Irish literature and film while studying abroad in Ireland, which was a true highlight of my college career.

Attending school for Theatre is one of the best choices I ever made, especially choosing Northeastern's program. There are endless opportunities to perform, write, direct, research and find out what drives and motivates you as an artist. It is a B.A. program that provides students the flexibility to tailor their own learning and make their college theatre experience what they want it to be. My professors range from industry professionals to published authors to innovative researchers.

At the moment, I am completing a six-month co-op at AMC Networks in New York City and learning a lot about the inner workings of the entertainment industry and its ever-changing landscape. I am curious about the direction of the industry and what different forms of entertainment, be it TV, film, theatre or performance art accomplish. How are they similar or different and how does the medium affect the way we tell stories? Living in NYC definitely has its perks and I am certainly taking advantage of the rich theatre scene and of course, student discounts!

I am passionate about arts having an impact on society and I believe in the power of the arts. As a Theatre student, I am learning how important it is to demonstrate the world today onstage and on screen, as well as reflect the past, so we can create a better future. This journey begins with the entertainment industry. I can't wait to share my college experiences with all of you!

Here's some other quick facts about me: I'm a huge history nerd and I love applying my knowledge when acting or studying plays; I can quote the TV show Friends pretty much in its entirety; I spend too much money on caffeinated beverages; I never pass up a chance to dance the Cotton Eye Joe; and if I could go to dinner with anyone living or dead it would be Anton Chekhov.

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