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The Actor and the Target - by Declan Donnellan

The Actor and the Target by Declan Donnellan

Declan Donnellan’s fresh and radical approach to acting takes a scalpel to the heart of actor’s persistent fears from . . . "I don’t know what I’m doing" through "I don’t know who I am" to "I don’t know what I’m playing." The Actor and the Target has already been hailed by the press in Russia where it is already published:

"Practically and modestly written, Declan Donnellan’s book helps actors to release their talent to be free on stage. However Donnellan’s path leads to wider perspectives, his book is rooted in modern theatre, modern psychology and, above all, modern reality. Written with grace and elegance, The Actor and the Target will be thoroughly enjoyed not only by the actors of the new millennium, but also by those of us who see the stage from the dark auditorium."—Izvestia

"Donnellan’s directing style is immediately recognizable in his book, drenched in its spirit of artistic and personal freedom. Unpretentious, straightforward, and pierced with acute insight."—Kommersant

Clearly and systematically laid out and full of firm and unambiguous precepts, this book will become a bible for actors in the 21st century.

Declan Donnellan is the first Director of the Royal Shakespeare Academy and is best known for his work with Check By Jowl, including As You Like It, and the recent production of Homebody/Kabul in New York. As Associate Director of the National Theatre his pro-ductions included Fuente Ovejuna, Sweeney Todd, and Angels in America. Abroad, his work abroad includes Le Cid for the Avignon Festival, The Winter’s Tale for the Maly Theatre in St. Petersbourg and Puskin’s Boris Godunuv for the Moscow Theatre confederation. He has received awards in London, Paris, New York, and Moscow.

Available On:
The Actor and the Target on Paperback

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Released: 2002

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