Seats: New York - by Jode Susan Millman

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Seats: New York by Jode Susan Millman Buy Seats: New York on Amazon

This new edition of Seats: New York, the first since 2002 and now published in conjunction with, features new venues such as Jazz at Lincoln Center, the New Jersey PAC, and the new Yankee Stadium opening in 2009. Features include: Detailed seating charts that each feature a Seats pricing guide; Insider tips on locating the best seats at the best discount prices; Maps of the Seats theatre districts in Manhattan; User-friendly directions and transportation information to get you to your seats; Information on handicapped accessible seats and parking locations convenient to your venue; Your ticket to four seasons of FREE seats.

Available On:
Seats: New York on Paperback

Publisher: Limelight

Released: 2008

Buy Seats: New York on Amazon



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