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Nathan the Wise - by Paul D'Andrea, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Nathan the Wise by Paul D'Andrea, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Excerpt from book: J Nathan. Because canals, alike impossible To fill or stay, are feeding from it. Dervise. Right ! Nathan. I know it all. Dervise. When princes are the vultures Amidst the carrion, that is bad enough ; But when they are the carrion 'midst the vultures, Tis ten times worse. Nathan. Oh, never, never that ! Dervise. Ah, you may talk !—But come, what will you give If I resign my office to you ? Eh ? Nathan. What yields your office ? Dervise. Me indeed not much ; But for yourself 'twould yield abundantly. For when the tide is low, as low it will be, Lift up your own flood-gates, advance your money, And take in interest whatsoe'er you will. Nathan. Perhaps charge interest on the interest Of interest ? Dervise. Yes. Nathan. Till my capital Becomes all interest. Dervise. That tempts you not ? Then write at once the quittance of our friendship ; For I had counted much on you. Nathan. How so ? Dervise. That you would help me hold my post with honor; Your purse be open always to my need. You shake your head ? Nathan. Let's understand each other. There's a distinction here. To you—why not ? Al-Hafi, dervise, shall to all I have Be ever warmly welcome. But Al-Hafi, The treasurer of the Sultan—he—to him— . Dervise. Did I not guess it ?—How your goodness ever Keeps pace with prudence, prudence with your wisdom ; But patience, and this difference in Al-Hafi, Shall trouble you no more.—Behold this robe Of honor that the Sultan decked me with. Ere it be faded and in rags, fit clothing For dervise' wear, within Jerusalem It shall be hanging, while beside the Ganges, Barefoot and light, I walk the burning sands Among my teachers. Nathan. Like yourself! Dervise. And play At chess with them. N...

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Publisher: Dramatic Pub Co

Released: 2005

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