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Lost Broadway Theatres by Nicholas van Hoogstraten Buy Lost Broadway Theatres on Amazon

Theaters are more than just buildings, more than giant musical instruments, as some have described them. For regular theatergoers, they're old friends. When a theater disappears, there's a palpable sense of mourning. Updated to 1997, Lost Broadway Theatres recalls, in photos and memories, playhouses from the colossal and opulent American Theatre, now a parking lot, to the cozy Punch and Judy, now the site of an office building. The good news is that several of the houses previously considered doomed but not yet demolished have been restored in the Times Square boom. Lost Broadway Theatres celebrates their return, and pleads on behalf of other hidden beauties whose fate may not yet be sealed. (Source: Amazon.com)

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Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

Released: 1997

Buy Lost Broadway Theatres on Amazon



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