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Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life - by Sutton Foster

Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life by Sutton Foster

Whether she’s playing an “age-defying” book editor on television or dazzling audiences on the Broadway stage, Sutton Foster manages to make it all look easy. How? Crafting. From the moment she picked up a cross stitch needle to escape the bullying chorus girls in her early performing days, she was hooked. Cross stitching led to crocheting, crocheting led to collages, which led to drawing, and so much more. Channeling her emotions into her creations centered Sutton as she navigated the significant moments in her life and gave her tangible reminders of her experiences. Now, in this charming and poignant collection, Sutton shares those moments, including her fraught relationship with her agoraphobic mother; a painful divorce splashed on the pages of the tabloids; her struggles with fertility; the thrills she found on the stage during hit plays like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Anything Goes, and Violet; her breakout TV role in Younger; and the joy of adopting her daughter, Emily. Accompanying the stories, Sutton has included crochet patterns, recipes, and so much more!

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Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life on Hardcover Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life Audio Book Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life on Kindle

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Released: 2021

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Sutton Foster's HOOKED: HOW CRAFTING SAVED MY LIFE to be Published in October
by Chloe Rabinowitz - May 27, 2021

Sutton Foster's new book Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life will be published by Grand Central Publishing on October 12, 2021. 



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