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Epicoene: Or, The Silent Woman - by ben jonson

Epicoene: Or, The Silent Woman by ben jonson

"Epicoene, or the Silent Woman is a comedy by Renaissance playwright Ben Jonson. It was originally performed by the Blackfriars Children, a group of boy players, in 1609. It was, by Jonson's admission, a failure on its first presentation; however, John Dryden and others championed it, and after the Restoration it was frequently revived--indeed, a reference by Samuel Pepys to a performance on July 6, 1660 places it among the first plays legally performed after Charles II's ascension.

The play takes place in London. Morose, a wealthy old man with an obsessive hatred of noise, has made plans to disinherit his nephew Dauphine by marrying. His bride is, he thinks, an exceptionally quiet woman; he does not know that Dauphine has arranged the whole match for purposes of his own.

The couple are married despite the well-meaning interference of Dauphine's friend True-wit. Morose soon regrets his wedding day, as his house is invaded by a charivari that comprises Dauphine, True-wit, and Clerimont; a bear warden named Otter and his wife; two stupid knights, La Foole and Daw; and an assortment of "collegiates," vain and scheming women with intellectual pretensions. Worst for Morose, Epicoene quickly reveals herself as a loud, nagging mate." (Quote from

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Publisher: Forgotten Books

Released: 2008

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