Enjoy! - by Aya Ogawa, Toshiki Okada

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Enjoy! by Aya Ogawa, Toshiki Okada Buy Enjoy! on Amazon

Comedy, Full Length / 6m, 4f. From acclaimed Japanese director/playwright Toshiki Okada, Artistic Director of the internationally-lauded chelfitsch Theatre Company, comes a chronicle of post-college ennui and 21st Century relationships in Japan's Lost Generation. The static lives of several self-obsessed GenX comic book store clerks are thrown out of balance by the presence of a younger female co-worker, who rightly makes them question the meaning of their lives in a shifting socio-economic landscape. Written in the hyper-colloquial style Okada has become famous for, this play is presented for the first time in English in a translation by Japanese American playwright Aya Ogawa, and was met with massive critical praise upon its New York premiere.

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Enjoy! on Paperback Enjoy! on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2011

Buy Enjoy! on Amazon Buy Enjoy! on iTunes

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