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Drafting for the Theatre - by Dennis Dorn, Mark Shanda

Drafting for the Theatre by Dennis Dorn, Mark Shanda

This process-oriented text—supplemented by 280 illustrations—is structured to provide students with a proper and practical approach to the development of drafting and related skills for the theatre.

Dennis Dorn and Mark Shanda emphasize the standard drafting and designing practices of the theatre industry through a series of projects and exercises that help the student in the development of research skills. The early sessions focus on the basics of lettering, tool introduction, geometric constructions, orthographic techniques, soft-line sketching applications, and dimensioning and notation skills. The authors also stress such ancillary skills as time and material estimation, shop-drawing nomenclature, and simplified drafting techniques such as pin graphics, theatre-drafting standards, and CADD processes.

Available On:
Drafting for the Theatre on Paperback

Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press

Released: 1992

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