Doin' Time At the Alamo - by Mary Hanes

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Doin' Time At the Alamo by Mary Hanes

Comedy, Full Length / 2m, 5f. It's a hot July weekend at The Alamo, a woebegone motel that is directly across the street from a federal penitentiary in Texas. In this warm comedy, seven lonely, wise cracking characters "do time" between visits with loved ones in prison. They play cards, argue, order out for moo shu shrimp, plan a wedding and dream of love. At The Alamo, these prisoners of love take a final stand against loneliness and ultimately find freedom. Characters include the motel owner who has been unable to escape from The Alamo since his father died in prison, a tough talking New Yorker engaged to a two timing mobster, her reluctant bodyguard, the dental hygienist who loves the bodyguard, her mother a devotee of the card game rummy, a seventy year old woman who believes in numerology and the letters of the twenty year old prisoner she plans to marry this July 4th weekend, and a wife whose yuppie husband has lied to the Feds and to her.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1999



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