Dividends - by Gary Richards

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Dividends by Gary Richards

Dramatic Comedy, Full Length Play / 2m, 1f. Part memory play and part commentary on present relationship, Dividends is a warm and tender play about tradition, caring, change and love. How well does any grandson really know his grandfather? Dividends explores the generation gap between a struggling young artist and his grandfather who is in the hospital near the end of his life. Even though their relationship has always been distant, Neal finds himself forced to look after Pops and he learns a great deal about his early life, his romantic inclinations and his unfulfilled dreams. Neal's sense of alienation from the older generation and his instinctive desire to overcome it leads him to want to give his grandfather something he never had because his family was too busy being poor a bar mitzvah. Through it all, Pops' wife of fifty nine and one half years hovers over both as only a grandmother could. Critics have described Dividends as delightful, absorbing, charming and heartfelt.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1995



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